Sunday, May 22, 2011

The importance of meetings

About two years ago I joined weighter watchers. Within a month I learned their point system and what foods needed to be pulled out of my diet. I have a scale at home, I knew the program, and I changed my diet. So why was I still going to the meetings? The answer is the same for anybody losing weight using weight watchers. At weight watchers you have to go on the scale. Knowing you are weighing in at the end of the week keeps you from eating those cookies, cakes, fast foods or whatever your weakness is.

Yesterday I attended the NJRW meeting. The hospitality officer always gives out chocolate hershey kisses for success stories and rejection stories. The bigger success stories she gives lovely carnations out. I sat there with no reason to receive a success or a rejection candy. Why - because I didn't put myself out there this month to agents or editors. The desire to try forced my brain to imagine a new plot. I can't believe one meeting gave me a new idea. I have my outline ready, and I have written the first 1,000 words of what I am hoping is a 60,000 word story. Next meeting I will raise my hand and tell about my progress. I am so happy I joined NJRW and am an active participant. My writer friends I recommend you try attending a writer's meetings. It does make a difference.

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