Saturday, February 12, 2011

Elizabeth Wickham views against love

I live in 1850 and I am fifteen years old.  My family has gone off west to look for gold.  I am now living with my brother Hank and his wife Charlotte.  I am a horrible child because I like how Hank treats my sickness better than how my folks handled it.  I am allowed to roam the farm and read or write by my favorite tree.

I've been sick for a while now, about a year.  I met the love of my life shortly after my family left.  Jesse is great.  I feel so protected when I am with him.  He knows exactly what I can and can't do.  He holds me in his arms, and kisses me it's as if I am normal again.  I do not feel sick or pity when I am with him.  I never realized how selfish I was being.

Thank Heavens for noisy gossipy townswomen.  They let me know.  He's giving up a future with a healthy wife who can give him a family and help him on the farm.  The doc says as long as I take my medicine the seizures won't get worst.  They won't get better either.  I broke it off with Jesse.  Told him it's for his own good.  Jesse has too much honor to just go away.  He still looks out for me any chance I see him.  I hope he stops soon.  I can still remember the first time he told me he loved me.  He backed me up against a tree and kissed me hard.  His hands didn't stay on my waist like they usually did.  They were all over me like pa's trousers get horse manure all over them.  He then showed me he curved our names on the tree inside a heart.  I think I loved him even more than I already had.

I have to stop thinking of that day.  A sick girl can't expect a man to give up everything for her.

Anybody want to give Elizabeth some advice?

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