Sunday, January 16, 2011

Status on my 2011 resolutions

Some of them are not going so well.  My writing progress thankfully is not one of them.  I have joined NJ Romance Writers Chapter.  If you live in New Jersey and like to write come to a meeting.  They are extremely friendly and welcoming.  Which for someone as shy as me, it is appreciated.

The meeting made me realize I have not submitted to an agency since October.  I plan on correcting that this weekend.  As well as register for RWA National's conference on the 18th.

I'm new a blogging, but as soon as I learn more I'd love to have people come and visit me here.


  1. Yay new blog!! Best of luck with submitting!!

  2. Jenn is an NJ RWA member and a prim example of how the group treats you. Jenn, thank you for the support on twitter facebook and my blog. Support is much needed first starting out as the rejections roll in.